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Applied CMS presents all their knowledge and experience gained from 100's of websites and market field understanding, so together, we can successfully plan and create a strategy to best market your product or service. Applied CMS Technology will assist with:

01Building a purposeful, stunning, and innovative website.There are millions upon millions of websites on the internet, and more often than not, hundreds of thousands in your particular field or industry. So how will you stand out from your competition? Having a great products help, but with so many options out there, you have to convince someone to stay on your site long enough to get to know you. This is where our experience comes in to help you. With a professional website, your clients will know you take your work seriously.
More about first impressions can be found on our sister site HelpWithWebsites.com. "First Impressions"

02Website Extensions. Could your website use a little "eye candy"? Maybe a new image rotator with the newest javascripts? How about a touch of E-Commerce? Would you like the ability for you to change the content of your new website without having to pay someone? Install a forum or blog? Databases? We can do all of it, and much more.

03Graphic Design. Using appealing, professional graphics is one major component of a great website. Your website visitors wil make up their minds within the first 7 seconds whether or not they want to conduct business with you. Which means that before he/she even communicates with anyone on your office, or learns what you are offering, he might already have decided if he has any interest what you have to offer. When it comes to that first look, appearance is everything.

04Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing - If you have the best website in the world and you do not promote it properly, you will have wasted money and time. It is of no use to build a website, if nobody is visiting it. We will discuss marketing before we even begin your project. Sometime money is better spent on a more simple website with great marketing, than an amazing gold plated website with no marketing. One of our team members can help you decide the direction. i.e. heavy local or national marketing including print and television with a sprinkling of organic web SEO or heavy SEO with conventional advertising or something in between. CALL 1-800-282-9922 and get started.

Professional Photography and Photo Manipulation

Professional photography can be the difference between you getting the phone call or your competitor. We provide a professional photographer at reasonable rates. Imagery can not be undersold.

Videos, Commercials and TV Advertising

Growing out of the the independent film scene, the Applied CMS cinematography crew provides complete video productions. Which means your videos will have the cinematic look and energy that will be sure to grab attention of your clients. We treat each project as a mini-movie, it is not just videography it is truly cinematography.

The television advertising market has become much more accessible over the last few years. It is now at a price point where your company can not afford to miss this opportunity. As the cable outlets get more bids for time slots the cost will certainly increase. Now is the time to purchase television advertising. Where else can you reach a captive audience of tens of thousands for a price of $3.00 to $60.00 per 30 seconds. Yes prices start at three dollars. Check our rate sheet for Sarasota County Florida.


Motion Graphics... What is it??

Motion Design is a type of graphic design which uses video, audio, static images and text in multiple layers to create movies inside of movies. Basically it allows for morphing of size, shape, color, position, texture, etc. About 20% of everything you see on television comes from the work of a motion designer. Some call it the invisible art, as many television watchers are completely unaware of this component of television programming.